첫사랑이죠 ;
dearly beloved;;
TRACK NAME: Aomine comforting a lost Nigou
TIMES PLAYED: 11,710 plays


Nigou: (whines)
Aomine: Hey, you’re…
Nigou: Arf arf arf arf!
Aomine: You’re the same dog from before. Long time no see.
Nigou: Arf!
Aomine: You seem happy. Are you wandering alone today too? What’s wrong? Don’t show such a sad face. Do you want fried chicken?
Nigou: Arf arf arf arf arf!
Aomine: Relax, I’ve got some white meat. Just a bit will be okay. Here. Whoa, are you hungry? I have more, so eat slowly.
Nigou: Arf!
Aomine: You’re pretty hungry. Where’s your master?
Nigou: (whines)
Aomine: Don’t give me that face. It can’t be helped, I’ll look for him with you.
Nigou: Arf arf arf arf arf!
Aomine: Hey, you’re wagging your tail too much, it’s going to break off. Let’s go. If I’m carrying you the wrong way, don’t get mad. I’m not used to this.
Nigou: Arf arf arf arf arf!
Aomine: Oh, I get it, you’re happy, but don’t move around too much! Huh… When I look at you closely, you really look like someone.

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Gifs & stills from my darker colors coordinate video
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Kuroko no Basuke Moments: A Battle Between Aces! [1/?]

“How hard did I look?
How hard did I miss him?
How much did I think, I want to talk to him again?
Riku is… here. I finally got to see him again. I missed him.
I missed him so, so much.”

- Sora, after being reunited with Riku. - Kingdom Hearts II Novel (via didsomeonesaykh)

Hollow Bastion